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Isn’t Technology Great

I would like to talk about scheduling showings for a moment.  Here at Kahler Property Management scheduling and showing are the most important aspects of leasing your property.  Scheduling and showing are also the most time consuming aspects of leasing your property.

How can you make sure that you do not miss out on that perfect tenant if you cannot answer your phone and make that appointment?  You can ensure that you do not miss an opportunity by utilizing online scheduling.

People that are looking for a home to lease are just like you and I.  They have jobs that may keep them from searching during normal business hours.  They have families that they need to be with.  There are always other obligations that may keep them from calling you during the hours you are available.

Kahler Property Management is the leading property management company in our area to utilize online scheduling software for showings. 

Prospective residents can schedule a showing after that emergency grocery store run or at 9:00 PM once the kiddos are finally asleep.  It is now possible for people to schedule a showing at any of our properties 24/7.

Written By: Erin Trojanowski

Kahler Property Management

KPM Move Update

Finally!  We are getting down to crunch time as our move is happening this week.  Today we are busy moving all of our large office furniture.  The office will be closed tomorrow so we can get everything set up including our new phone system.

Please update your mailing address for Kahler Property Management to

2040 W Main St, Ste 110

Rapid City, SD  57702.

The painted ceiling tracks and new ceiling tile look great! Walls are painted with an updated color scheme.  The bathroom and break room are in and functioning.  The conference room table is on order and all of the flooring has been replaced.  This new office looks amazing hence our excitement to get in and get settled.


You all worked evenings and weekends to make this remodel happen.  We appreciate all of the hard work that you put in every day ensuring that our maintenance needs are met!  Consequently, KPM could not run without you.

Wednesday, March 21st, we will officially open the doors and do business out of the new space.  There will be some things that will still need to be done but we are on our way.  Finally, in the weeks to come we will be getting new blinds, signage and other little things to make the space complete.

Our maintenance techs, friends and family rock!  Thanks for all of the muscle!

In addition our current space is for lease.  You can check out the listing here.  Call or visit us online for a showing today!

Written By: Erin Trojanowski 

Of Course I have a Lease!

I know, I know…you can find a great lease on dozens of websites that you can use free of charge.  That agreement may look great but are you sure that it is an enforceable document?


  • This document protects your legal rights AND the legal rights of your Tenants.  Make sure it is written in accordance with current local, state and federal laws. A well written, LEGAL lease will make a world of difference:

A clear agreement will clearly outline the landlord’s rights and responsibilities as well as the tenant’s rights and responsibilities.

Some items to include in the Lease:

  • Beginning and ending dates
  • Rent amount
  • Security deposit information
  • Due dates
  • Where to make payments
  • Late fee schedule
  • Inspection procedure
  • Notice procedures
  • Utility responsibilities
  • Pet/Smoking policy
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Insurance responsibilities
  • Move out expectations
  • Renewal procedure
  • Military clause

Expectations as far as cleanliness, yard care, parking, etc all need to be outlined in the lease.  I could keep going but you get the just of it.  It is much easier to outline responsibilities in the beginning rather than arguing about it later.

The document needs to be a working document that is updated and current as times and laws change.  This rental agreement will become very important if you ever end up in court with a current or previous tenant.  Your case is only as strong as your lease.

The agreement must be clear and concise.  Go over the document with your tenants.  Be sure that everyone understands the agreement, after all, this is a legally binding document for both parties involved.

If you doubt the legality/validity of your lease, you need to consult a local attorney to make any necessary revisions.

Written By: Erin Trojanowski


I AM SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE ARE MOVING!!!  Sorry, I could not help the shouty capitals…I am just so excited and I am finally getting a window in my office!

KPM is moving into a larger space to accommodate YOU!  We have been in our current location since 2007.  At that time there were only 4 members of our team.  Today, Team KPM is made up of 7 of us…8 if you include our summer help.  We have the pleasure of working with a local school teacher in the summer.  He does showings for us during our most busy time ensuring that we can get people in to look at our listings.

The way I see it…we have doubled our staff!!!

The space we are moving into does not look like much now but we are painting, updating all flooring, and adding our own touch.  Some of us with KPM have been able to expedite the process by doing some of the tear out.  We have removed the old drop down ceiling tiles and taken out the cove base.  We’ll leave the rest up to the professionals.

Check out our “before” pictures!

These pictures where taken after the initial tear out was completed.

These pictures were taken midway through painting.

We, I should say the other members of Team KPM, have chosen carpet, wall color, cove base, etc.  We have a color scheme and are working towards a comfortable, professional office feel.  DISCLAIMER: all color choices (which look amazing) are credited to the other members of Team KPM because, honestly, I am not very good at that stuff!

In our new space we will have room to grow…so exciting!  Please check back for updated pictures towards the end of March…really, this process takes time.  I am excited to meet with you in our new conference room!


At Kahler Property Mangement, we complete a very detailed move in inspection which gives us, in writing, the condition of the property when the tenants move in.  Detailed, meaning, right down to the light bulbs in each fixture and if they are working.

Move In Inspection

Our goal when we take over a property is that it has to be clean, carpets have been professionally cleaned, and everything be in working order.  This needs to be done before the tenants move in.  The reason for this has to do with maintaining the condition of your property.  The move in inspection is detailed.  It usually contains several written pages of details down to a scuff on the wall to a dusty light globe.  We also take photos in each room that are part of our move in inspection process with each new tenant.

Periodic Inspections

The periodic inspection gives us an opportunity to ensure that the tenants are taking care of your property.  It also affords us the opportunity to note any small issues that could become bigger issues, if not taken care of.  With these, or any of the inspections, we will let an owner know if we see an issue that must be taken care of to avoid major problems in the future.


  • cracks in concrete that are changing
  • large trees that could damage house/property if not trimmed professionally
  • caulking around tubs and sinks
  • making sure smoke detectors are in working condition

Move Out Inspection

The Move out inspection is completed using the written move in inspection; thus the reason for the detail on the move in inspection.  We strive to make sure the property is left in the same condition, taking normal wear and tear in consideration, that it was in at the move in inspection.  If tenants fail to leave the property in the condition it was given to them, we coordinate making that happen, we will do whatever needs to be done.

Written By: Kathy Sjomeling (Maintenance Coordinator)

How Much Is My House Worth?

“How much is my house/property worth?

This is almost always the first question that I am asked when interviewed.  Everyone wants to know what their property will rent for and they typically want an answer before we even start discussing management.

Several factors need to be considered before a price range can be established.

  • Size
  • Condition
  • Age
  • Amenities
  • Location
  • Competition
  • Market


The size of the unit  is not just the number of bedrooms and bathrooms; it includes the square footage.  A 1500 Sq. Ft., 4 bedroom, 2 bath home may rent for less than an 1800 Sq. Ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath home.


Prospects are not going to pay top dollar for a rental with poor upkeep or deferred maintenance therefore affecting the rent.


Newer homes can generate more income than older homes that offer the same number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage.


Does the property come with a dishwasher? Central Air? Fenced Yard? Family room? Garage?  All of these factors need to be considered to accurately valuate the property.


Is the property in a part of town with a bad reputation or surrounded by neighboring homes that are not well cared for?


Other companies have a similar units listed.  What are they charging?


Regardless of the above factors you need to make sure that the market can sustain the rent you will charge.  Collecting a lower monthly rent may not be ideal but it is better than having a home sit vacant for months.

Written By: Erin Trojanowski (Assistant Licensed Property Manager)

Importance of an Application


They seem like nice people, why do I need to run an application?


Looks can be deceiving!!!

Your rental application should consist of:

  1. First of all, a current credit report of ALL applicants over the age of 18.
  2. Landlord reference checks on ALL applicants over the age of 18.
  3. A current criminal background check on ALL applicants over the age of 18.
  4. Finally, Income verification of ALL applicants over the age of 18.

A current credit report is like a picture…worth a thousand words!  The report will tell you if your applicant is diligent in paying their bills.  It will show you that they do not have any past collections with property managers/landlords and/or utility companies.  It will also reveal if the applicant has been honest and provided you with all of their past addresses.

  • HUGE right???

Calling all past landlords is time intensive.  The general rule of thumb is to look at the 2nd (3rd and 4th) most current landlord references.  A current landlord may give you bogus information to, either, keep the tenant or because the tenant upset them by moving.  Really, not everyone is honest…landlords included. Because of privacy laws and the fear of being sued most Landlords will not give you information unless you can fax/email signed authorization from the prospect.  Also, you must ask very specific questions.  Any ambiguous or broad questions will not be answered.

  • The credit check may reveal addresses that the applicant did not disclose. A simple search will reveal the owner of that property so you can research a contact method for that person resulting in additional landlord references.

It is nearly impossible to obtain a current criminal history.  It can be done but it is expensive and requires appropriate contacts.  HUD does limit the use of a criminal background check (you can view HUD’s ruling here).  Still, you can use this information to formulate your decision, only if your Rental Policy Statement is clearly outlined.

You want to know that your tenant can pay their rent right?  You may collect pay-stubs, bank statement and/or tax returns but is the applicant still working for that company? Make sure the provided proof of income is the most recent.  The applicant could have quit the job.  It is imperative to call and verify employment.

Clarity is key…your applicant must be aware of what information you plan to collect and what you will do with that information.  You have a duty to inform them of your requirements.  The result…the applicant will most likely be able to determine the outcome, as a result saving everyone some time.  MOST NOTE WORTHY…the applicant must sign a release for you to collect this information so as you can provide that to your sources.

Obtaining all of this information on one or more applicants takes time.  If you interview a property management company or a background screening company that tells you that their application turnaround time is less than 48 hours you need to run the other way.  Consequently that you will not get the comprehensive landlord reference check and the complete criminal background check.

To learn more about our tenant screening process call us today.

Written By: Erin Trojanowski (Assistant Licensed Property Manager)

Why Should I Pay a Property Manager?

Whether you have one property or six different properties you may ask yourself why you need a property manager when you can do the job yourself.  Let me ask you a few questions to help you determine why a property manager may be your best bet.

  • Do you have the resources/knowledge to realistically price your property?
  • Do you have the resources to effectively market your property for Lease?
  • Do you have expert knowledge in the Federal Fair Housing Act?
  • Do you have the time to show your property to prospective tenants?
  • Do you have the means/time to run a complete application including current credit report, check landlord references, verify income and run a criminal background check?
  • Do you have a Lease that abides by the current laws and protects both you and the tenant?
  • Do you have time to complete a comprehensive move in inspection complete with extensive, room by room notes and pictures?
  • Do you have training and knowledge in Landlord/Tenant Law?
  • Do you want to answer maintenance calls 24/7?
  • Do you have expert technicians to call if the basement floods or the furnace fails at 2:00 AM?
  • Do you have time and/or means to chase down unpaid rent?
  • Do you know the steps to properly evict a tenant from your property?
  • Did you do that extensive, room by room move in inspection for use at move out?
  • Do you know the laws in regards to notifying and refunding a security deposit?
  • Do you have the means, contacts and/or time to efficiently turn your property?
  • Do you have access to a collection agency or the means to collect any unpaid charges?

We can answer YES to all of the above questions.  If you cannot answer yes to all of the above questions we can help.  Call and hire KPM today!

Written By: Erin Trojanowski (Assistant Licensed Property Manager) 

KPM…in a Nutshell

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read our blog.  I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about Kahler Property Management.

We are the leading (so we think) property management company in the beautiful Black Hills.  We have knowledge of and experience managing all types of rentals including:

  • Single Family
  • Duplex/Triplex
  • Small Multi-Family
  • Multi-Family Complex
  • HOA
  • Self-Storage Facilities
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Commercial Office/Retail Space

We are an office of seven women…yes, I said seven women (we even get along…most of the time).  We work hard and enjoy each other’s company.  The occasional nerf gun fight keeps stress and attitudes in check.  Keep reading for an intro to the people that make up Team KPM.  I will not bore you with all of our achievements…you can check our website ( to read those.

Tracy – Licensed Property Manager

  • Tracy has been the property manager for KPM since 1984. Her faith guides and defines her life…in and out of the office. Tracy spends her free time singing, traveling to warmer climates and being in nature.  Tracy has a love for all animals and will talk to, hold and pet any that will let her.  She wishes she had chosen a career field that would allow her to work in an animal sanctuary but settles for keeping the rest of us in line.  For the time being, Tracy and her husband’s home life revolves around a nine month old Balinese kitten names Simeon.  He is the craziest, most needy little guy ever but they love him to the moon and back.  Look for Simeon stories in the future.

Erin – Assistant Licensed Property Manager

  • I have been with KPM since 2005.  I have 2 beautiful children…3 if you count my husband.  Between our home remodel, running Littles to soccer, scouts and basketball; I enjoy cooking, crafting and reading a good book.  I also have an unhealthy obsession with Pinterest or, as my Husband calls it, his “honey do” list.

Debby – Accounting

  • Debby has been with us since 1987.  She is heavily involved with the Special Olympics and is a skilled bowler.  She organizes and teaches a youth bowling league and bowls at a state level.  Debby adores her 3 grandchildren and spends as much time with them as possible.  She is also the only one in the office that does not like cheese…we will not hold it against her but will tease her unmercifully.

Kathy – Maintenance Coordinator

  • Kathy joined our team in the fall of 2013.  All of her extra time and money has gone to the dogs…Literally.  Her 3 dogs train and compete in Obedience, Rally, Canine Freestyle, and Tricks.  She and her dogs have titles from the American Kennel Club in Rally, Obedience, Tricks and Therapy Dog Work.  Her dogs are most certainly better trained than my children.  When she gets an opportunity, Kathy, loves camping….with her dogs.

Ally – Assistant Maintenance Coordinator

  • Ally became a member of our team in February of 2015.  She spends most of her free time with her 3 kiddos.  After they are tucked in she enjoys binging on her favorite shows and engaging in “marriage counseling” by playing Call of Duty with her husband.  During the warm months, Ally enjoys landscaping and target practice.  She cannot resist a big bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

Candace – Administrative Assistant

  • Candace joined the team in 2016.  She loves spending time with her family, listening to music, playing games, camping and playing with their pets.  She is always quick to throw a movie quote or music lyric into any conversation.  The sound of her 4 children laughing is the highlight of her life.  Candace likes to dabble in photography and she will never say no to Italian food.

Alana – Administrative Assistant

  • Alana is the newest member of Team KPM and joined us in 2017. She is originally from Pierre, SD and moved to Rapid City to pursue her education in Business Management and Marketing.  She has a 5 month old son that keeps her on her toes.  When, and if, she ever recovers from the sleep deprivation of a baby she would like to continue with her hobbies of hiking, fishing, traveling and playing her guitar.

We hope you stick around and get to know more about our company and industry.  Drop a note if there is a specific topic that interests you!


Tracy, Candace, Erin, Ally, Alana, Kathy, Debbie