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The Pets of Property Managers

So…if you haven’t guessed by now Kahler Property Management is an office full of animal people!!!  Currently, I do not have a pet at home.  We lost Guinness; my 90 lb., 14 year old, Chesapeake Retriever a while ago.  Someday, when life slows down a bit, we will have another dog.

I asked the gals in the office what trick/task they wished their pet could do and why?


Alana wishes her dog, Shadow, could do laundry so she did not fall behind.  “It would definitely lighten the load,” she says!


Nevada, Lego and Myles make up Kathy’s pack.  “If I could teach a dog one trick, it’d be to drive :).  Then, the dogs could help run errands, drive each other to classes, etc.  Probably Nevada, I wouldn’t trust the other two to drive :).”

Lego, Nevada and Myles

Handsome Myles

Miss Nevada


Candace’s response: “I think it would be neat if Murphy could do his calling of being a hunting dog, as Poodles were originally bred as a hunting dog/retriever.  Or whimsically, I sure wish he could cook dinner and clean the house!”


Athena is Ally’s dog.  She is a Labrador mix. “The trick I wish my dog would learn is to stay.”


With a bit of help and some yummy treats Kathy could probably help Ally accomplish this one :).

Debby would like to teach a dog to pick up toys that are laying around the house.  “With three grandkids over, the house ends up looking like a tornado hit and I am constantly picking up after my grandchildren.  Would be nice if I had a dog that would follow them and do that!  Of course, I suppose, I could just get the kids to do that!”

Simeon is Tracy’s crazy cat. “We are working on sitting and shaking.  May try teaching him to smile!  Not sure how that will work.  Has anyone ever tried that with a cat!?!  If I was really honest about this training thing…..I would say that right now we are mostly just trying to get him to not be so crazy!!!”


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Posted by: PeaceOfMindPropertyManagement on April 17, 2018
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